We are proud to introduce POF-USA's
3.375" long oversized heat sink barrel nut and a silicon nickel plated upper
receiver as options (patent pending). 
POF-USA's gas piston weapon system operates cooler and does not require
oil or lubricant

POF-USA is the only AR-15/M-16 manufacturer to offer these features!

American Vintage Guns and provide you
with a complete POF-USA upper or lower
configurations of any type.  

As a standard feature on POF gas piston weapon systems, each part of the
operating system is hard chrome plated
which makes it easy to clean and maintain. 



Limited Production Run

True Mid-Length Rail - Extra length less weight

P.O.F-USA has engineered an EXCLUSIVE P-415-16-P11SX-CF-223 manufactured and tested this system. We have been amazed by the durability and performance of the POF P-415 Gas-Piston uppers. POF has eliminated features of the Gas Operating System such as gas-rings, gas tube, gas key. The P-415 / P-416 Gas-Piston system also eliminates Heat, Carbon build up and Gas Leaks which can have an adverse effect on the operating system. The biggest issue being "HEAT". A weapons first priority, must be "RELIABILITY".

This NEW combination 16" barrel with 11" Predator rail gives you extra length for your custom accessories without the additional weight of the 11" Predator rail system. Not only do you get the space for tactical equipment it also gives a much shorter look to our weapon.

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Information and Specifications:


  • 16" Heavy contour, Fluted to reduce weight and Heat
  • 4150 Mil-B-1159F Vanadium Alloy (machinegun rated)
  • 70 Rockwell case hardened heat treated "5R" polygonal barrels are 2X harder then
  • Mil-Spec & Hammer Forged barrels
  • Corrosion resistant and 10 times thicker and hardness than mil-spec chromed lining
  • Right-handed 1x7 twist (16 " 1:8 twist), button rifled (Rock Creek Barrel Blank)
  • FMC-A3 Muzzle Device
  • Chamber: 5.56 mm Nato (.223 Cal.)

Method of Operation:

  • Gas Piston operated, rotating bolt (short stroke system)
  • Reversible piston / gas trap design (two modes of fire)
  • C.R.O.S. (Corrosion Resistant Operating System): 
     (Chrome plated: Barrel, Gas Block/Tube, Gas Plug, Gas Piston, Bolt Carrier Assembly)

Bolt & Carrier:

  • Chrome plated 8620 Integral Keyed Steel Bolt Carrier (billet machined), heat treated / plated per Mil Spec.
  • Chrome plated steel bolt, heat treated, to Mil-spec


  • Fixed Removable FTA-2005 Hooded, Snag Free Front Site Assemble
  • Troy flip up rear site (optional)


  • Empty – 5.0LBS (UPPER)



  • Extended - 36”
  • Collapsed - 31.75”

Upper Receiver:

  • A3 Flattop, Forged 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy
  • A3 Flattop: Silicone Nickel Plated (Interior only)
  • Charging handle: Silicone Nickel (Interior only) & Black Hard coat Anodized per Mil Spec and Teflon coated black


  • Ergo ladder rail covers
  • Sling/Bi-pod mount
  • Predator Tactical Rail system™, P-11SX (Slim, Extended)
  • Heat Sink Barrel Nut

POF-USA Specifications:

  • All raw materials are manufactured from US Steel Mills.
  • All heat treats, plating/coatings, are completed by U.S.A. owned and operated manufacturers.
  • All accessory and component parts on our weapons systems are from U.S.A. owned and operated manufacturers.
  • All of our weapon systems are 100% pure American made.

Full-auto and short barreled upper assemblies are not for sale in
CA, WA, etc... Any state that have restrictions on full-auto and short barrel upper assemblies are "restricted sales", and will only be sold to LEO and Military agencies in state's that restrict these items.



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